Oxford's Bring Your Own Music night! An open mic style night where the audience brings their favourite tracks to share

What is it?

We love discovering new music, and the best way to discover is to share. 

Listening Parties are a space to share the music you’re passionate about. You’ll hear it on a great sound system, discover something new, and meet other music enthusiasts. 


How does it work?

Like an open mic, let us know when you arrive if you’ve brought something to share. We’ll have inputs for LP, CD and for minijack, and a computer, so you can bring a track on vinyl, CD, on your phone, or as a name in your head. 

We’ll have 2 sessions of music, and ask you to attentively enjoy every offering as you would at a live gig. We’ll limit contributions to 4 minutes each so that we can fit in lots of contributions. If you’d like to introduce your track, we’d like to hear what you love about it.

We’ll also have an open Spotify playlist setup that you can add to during the event, if what you hear inspires you - we’ll play the night’s bespoke playlist during the break and after the formal sharing part of the evening is over.


Edition #11: Music that Inspires

This time we're getting inspired! It's often a small spark that ignites a fire. We are joined by Rawz the poet and rapper who founded the Digging Crates project, along with Tiece who sings for Inner Peace Records. We’re looking for songs that have fueled our imaginations, aspirations, and have empowered us.

Digging Crates is about creating inspiring hip-hop using the instruments held in the Pitt Rivers Museum, decolonising the collection in an innovative and creative way.

What song gives you inspiration? Tracks to get you started:

Tiece's choice: 1980 by Estelle

Rawz's choice: Final Form by Sampa The Great