Featuring Julian Masters on guitar, Melissa Holding on koto (a Japanese plucked string instrument) and accordion, Chris Causer on double bass and Eric Clarke on violin - gave their first performances in 2018, playing music composed and arranged for them by Julian Masters.

The quartet plays a mixture of re-envisioned folk music from the British Isles, and original compositions, including a recent set of pieces inspired by the titles of paintings by the Swiss artist Paul Klee, who himself had a profound interest in music, and often used references to sound and music in his titles. Expect music that is rhythmically quirky and tuneful, humorous and tender, combative and calm.


This event is presented in partnership with Artscape, an innovative arts project at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. Artscape aims to provide opportunities for mental health service users, their carers and trust staff to engage with the arts. The concert is free but the evening audience is asked to donation £5 towards Artscape with all proceeds going towards arts equipment and workshops for service users.