“Anderson has spent his professional career creating audio visual alchemy that uses light, heat, vibrations, electricity, oscillating chemicals and paraphernalia to dazzle our eyes and startle our imaginations.”  Richard Wilson

Mark Anderson uses light, sound, electronics, kinetics, fire and pyrotechnics to make compelling site specific temporary installations and performances, often spectacular, at other times subtle and intimate, and, on occasion, all these things at the same time. Drawing inspiration from the meeting point between the natural, the industrial and the technological, his work utilises light and sound to explore and create, often with a childlike playfulness, a fusion of these worlds. The resulting installations and performances are moving investigations into phenomena and perception that touch, surprise and sometimes amuse audiences both young and old. He often works in collaboration with other artists and groups, including Bow Gamelan (Richard Wilson, Anne Bean, and Paul Burwell). He was a founder member of the long running but now disbanded collective Blissbody and is the lead artist of the international hit Power Plant www.powerplant.org.uk. He established arts company Dark Spark with Helen Ingham. His work has been shown at prestigious arts festivals including Lumiere (Durham), Edinburgh Festival (British Council Showcase), Sydney Festival, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Ten Days on the Island (Hobart, Tasmania), Latitude, and Fire In The Mountain, amongst many others.


Mark Anderson 'Dark Spark' - Furious Folly from Culture Colony on Vimeo.

Picture credits:

Audible Forces - Jony Easterby

Furious Folly - Farrows Creative