Yazz Ahmed is a British-Bahraini trumpet player and composer who seeks to blur the lines between jazz, electronic sound design, bringing together the sounds of her mixed heritage. Her music has been described as ‘psychedelic Arabic jazz, intoxicating and compelling’.

This is a rare occasion to experience Yazz’s new album, Polyhymnia, performed live in it’s entirety, by a 12-piece ensemble, featuring musicians from her Hafla band, players from the album and friends.  

The music is a celebration of female courage, determination and creativity.

Yazz says: “Whilst gathering ideas for my composition, I came across the character of Polyhymnia, the ancient Greek Muse of music, poetry and dance: a Goddess for the arts. Perhaps inspired by her, I conceived the form of a suite of movements, each dedicated to women of outstanding qualities, role models, with whom I felt a strong connection.”

“By sharing my musical response to the stories and achievements of these exceptional women, and celebrating the creativity and talents of my co-contributors, I hope to inspire others, in the words of Malala, “to be brave, to embrace the strength within themselves and realise their full potential”.

For this event, we are trialing a new ticket pricing system. Instead of basing our prices on your age or employment status, we are asking audiences to select a ticket price based on what you can afford to spend.