A powerful immersive sonic experience of suspense and shifting sounds


A captivating sound-world that comes alive through an ever-changing outdoor live performance. Using an ensemble of visually striking ‘instruments’ – gongs, bells, whistles and explosive events - Warning Notes gives a voice to the social and ecological alarm rippling across our planet.

A new show by international artist Mark Anderson that is improvised and responsive to audience and environment, Warning Notes is playful and hypnotic, inviting us to listen to the present and contemplate both personal and global stories – and our future together.

By Mark Anderson. Created in collaboration with Liam Walsh.

Suitable for all ages

Performances from 6:30pm-10:30 Friday 2 August, and Saturday 3 August
Relaxed Performance from 6.30pm to 7pm on Friday 2 August, and Saturday 3 August
Touch Tour from 5.30pm - 6.30pm on Saturday 3 August

The Relaxed Performance is available to those who wish to experience the show in daylight, in a quieter, less busy way. The relaxed performance will take place during the first half an hour of the show on both days. Someone can be available at the show entrance to greet you, listen and take note of what you need, and guide you around the show space if required.

The Touch Tour is available for those who are partially or fully Blind or D/deaf. Tours will take place during the hour of daylight 45 minutes before the show starts on the Saturday. One of the Artists will greet you at the entrance to the installation. They will then take you on a short tour of Warning Notes, it’s sensory experiences and stories. You can also touch and stand closer to some of the show’s ‘instruments’, with some rope barriers removed to enable this.

If you are interested in booking Warning Notes, contact Jo Ross - jo@ocmevents.org

Photo of Warning Notes - a red siren at dusk.
Photo of Warning Notes - a reclaimed circular saw blade used in a sound installation.
Photo of Warning Notes - a red siren and large hanging copper strips.
Photo credits: Giles Bennett.