Gliding electronic glitches fighting with ominous tonal oscillations, conjured up by Loula Yorke

Loula Yorke’s artwork is noisy.

Noisy like being on the inside of a retro game console as it’s thrown across the living room floor, in revolt. 

Loula Yorke pulls no punches when it comes to challenging the power structures and conjuring moments of revolt and she does so masterfully; if sounds went out to protest against some other sounds, you’d hear exactly this.

Authoritative voices slowly subsumed by distortion until you can no longer tell what is distortion and what is words.  The rhythmic echo of a robotic glockenspiel starts losing its footing and a thumping beat fades in to take control. Seamlessly.

It is hypnotising to watch; Yorke’s reassuring confidence as a performer in contrast with the struggle for survival that her sonic modulations go through. The lasers on the walls, generated directly from the sounds, are trance-inducing. And there is plenty of eye-candy for the electro tech fanatics out there, too. The camera candidly zooms in to the curious collection of DIY music kits - their cables and switches glistening like Jelly Beans - to reveal what the magicians say you never should.


Tune into the OCM YouTube channel at 1pm on 29th September to watch this exclusive micro-gig before everyone else.


Live Sessions at The Covered Market is a series of micro-gigs captured on film at Oxford's Covered Market. The resulting video was produced in collaboration with Upcycled Sounds. Hand picked bands and musicians were given exclusive access to Oxford’s Covered Market, performing beautifully bite-sized sets in the walkways of this iconic space for you to enjoy at home.

Coming up soon in the Live Sessions series is Flora Curzon.

Photographs by Fyrefly Studios