From midday to midnight St Augustine's Tower will be a performance space dedicated to the exploration of Time; as a construct and a natural force, how it is valued and perceived, regimented and elastic, strange and unyielding. Sounds from the clock, the surroundings and live performances will echo through the tower across the twelve hours like sand through an hour glass.


How do you capture an moment of sound in time? How do you photograph a voice? E5 Process photography collective have been collaborating to explore how collodion process and pin-hole techniques can be used to capture fragments of time at the tower.


The piece is the culmination of a six month residency at the tower supported by OCM's BOOM program and is supported by Hackney Historic Buildings Trust and the Department of Creative Professionals & Digital Arts at Greenwich University.




Free entry, drop-in

St Augustine's Tower is a four storey church tower and this performance is spread across all 4 floors and the roof. The stairwell is a narrow, spiral stairwell. There is very limited disabled access to the building.