What would birds tell us if we could hear?

Lost Communications Performance 8:30-9:30pm

"Lost Communications 失絡之聲" is an exploration of art, nature and technology. Created by electronic musician An-Ting and creative technologist lan Gallagher, it is a live audio-visual performance immersing the audience deeply into the light and darkness of nature. Travelling from the UK through Mongolia, Sichuan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Ian and An-Ting have recorded the songs of birds as the musical expression of the environments they found themselves in.

"A fundamental property of the natural world is interaction and communication. Every species in an ecosystem contributes to the harmonious symphony that it is a part of. We chose a long time ago to shut ourselves off from this. Slowly at first, but with ever increasing speed, we have closed our hearts. We no longer hear the natural music around us." - An-Ting and Ian Gallagher


Support Act: Tendertwin 7:30pm

The project of Istanbul-born, now London-based Bilge Nur Yilmaz — Tendertwin is a forager for half-lived stories. Nurtured transatlantic, Bilge Nur Yilmaz's distinctive voice subtly soaks up Turkey’s rich musical heritage from the lapping tides of the Black Sea and Mediterranean, and filters it through drifting time spent in Philadelphia, Oxford, and London. Her debut EP Ship Argo touches on themes of displacement, identity, and belonging with an alternative folk approach. 


Exhibition: Ismael Rodriguez "Sanctuary: By the River" (open from 7pm)

The performance coincides with the exhibition of Venezuelan contemporary visual artist Ismael Rodriguez titled “Sanctuary: By the River.” This exhibition explores the artist's indigenous and Afro-Caribbean roots through natural elements and found objects, capturing memories, myths, and voices, while addressing themes like the Afro-Caribbean diaspora, Yoruba myths, Palero deities, and the intertwining of Caribbean and African cultures. Through various mediums the artist invites visitors to reflect on their identity and heritage, providing a space for critical thinking and contemplation. 

Following a recent residency in China, Rodriguez is unveiling ideas and materials conceived during his time there influenced by his above exploration, creating a captivating synergy of artistic expression that promises to enchant and inspire.

The exhibition will run from July 19th to August 3rd


Lost Communications is suitable for all, and children are welcome to attend Fusion when accompanied by responsible adults, but please note there are no dedicated children’s activities and the artwork is fragile and some may be within the reach of small children. 

Refreshments from Tap Social Movement will be on sale.

Doors open at 7pm for viewing the exhibition at Fusion Arts, with Tendertwin and 7:30pm and Lost Communications at 8:30pm.

Co-promoted by Oxford Contemporary Music and Fusion Arts.


Accessibility: Wheelchair access, accessible toilet.

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