Oxford's Bring Your Own Music night! An open mic style night where the audience brings their favourite tracks to share

What is it?

We love discovering new music, and the best way to discover is to share.

Listening Parties are a space to share the music you’re passionate about. You’ll discover something new and meet new people through their music choices.

How does it work?

Like an open mic, let us know when you sign up to attend if you’ve got something to share. Unlike the live events, we’ll ask you to choose in advance what track you want to share and send it to us, so that we can play it to everyone. It can be a link to Youtube/Spotify/Bandcamp/Soundcloud/any freely accessible digital platform, or a file that we can download. 

We’ll limit contributions to 4 minutes each so that we can fit in lots of contributions. We encourage you all to introduce your track, tell us why you’ve chosen it, what is special about it to you.

We’ll also have an open Spotify playlist setup that you can add to during the event, if what you hear inspires you to share more - the night’s bespoke playlist will then be available to listen to again, to go back to find any jewels you discovered.

Sign up through Eventbrite, and we’ll send you a link to join the Zoom call and further instructions for participation.

Edition 7: Music of Laughter

Our guest hosts, Yellow Submarine, have given this edition the theme of laughter

From the sublime to the ridiculous, bring us your favourite tracks that bring you joy and hilarity. Tracks that let you let loose, and play with boundaries of music, noise, humour, the real and surreal. Musical and lyrical jokes, intentional or not - we want your best tracks related to laughter!

Yellow Submarine’s track for starters is: I Am The Walrus, from The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour. Full of nonsense, surreal images, some joyful cello lines, and some actual laughter.

Listen on Spotify / Youtube

About Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine is an award winning Oxfordshire based charity that believes that people with disabilities and autism deserve to live life to the full! We support young people from age 11 into adulthood. We provide social clubs, activity days, residential holidays, as well as workplace training in our social enterprise cafes based in Oxford and Witney! We aim to increase independence, reduce isolation, and build confidence!