Joby Burgess: A Percussionist’s Songbook


“Percussionist extraordinaire Joby Burgess” performs his new album A Percussionist’s Songbook, a project with a global vision. He has commissioned composers spanning several generations, with roots in the UK, Nigeria, Italy, Bulgaria, Russia and Bahrain. 

The pieces are described as ‘songs without words’ because each one is inspired by a different fiction or non-fiction text. These are wildly varied, including data, science-fiction, novels, folk tales, and poetry. 

Joby uses electronics to increase the possibilities of pitched percussion sound, playing with equal parts virtuosity and imagination.




Tunde Jegede The Ancestors Are Within 

Dario Marianelli Unequal 

Dobrinka Tabakova Desert Swimmers 

Gabriel Prokofiev Dr Calvin Remembers 

Joby Burgess Come Sweet Death 

Yazz Ahmed Throw Your Pumpkin (& Pick Me Up) 

John Metcalfe Love Without Hope 

Graham Fitkin Species

Joby Burgess Take Me Home


Oxford Festival of the Arts In Partnership with Oxford Contemporary Music

If you require the assistance of a carer to attend this performance, please contact Sofia at 484777 to reserve a free carer ticket. 

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Photo credit: Nick White