Women’s ensemble Ialoni was formed in 2009 in Tbilisi, by Nino Naneishvili. Their repertoire includes all three styles of Georgian traditional vocal polyphony: ecclesiastical, folk and city music.

They select their repertoire from archival records and manuscripts, expedition findings and published notated collections, with a special emphasis on reviving relatively unusual, original and complex songs.

The ensemble considers it important to understand the character of the different chanting schools as well as the folk and city songs originating from different regions, comprehending them intimately and then bringing them to life with the ensemble’s own signature.

OCM & Folk Weekend Oxford present a one-off performance, a collaboration between Ialoni choir, Ensemble Stumari and singers Mikheil Javakhishvili and Nargile Mehtiyeva.

The concert will be available to stream on demand at home until Thursday 10th of June.