Otherworldly 5ft sculptures let loose on Broad Meadow

Broad Meadow, Broad St. Oxford

Open 10am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday


Have you listened closely to nature's fading songs?

Move around Liminal Creative’s otherworldly 5ft sculptures, trigger their sensors and cross-pollinate Broad Meadow with the forgotten sounds of nature. 

Liminal Creative have been exploring ideas around a dystopian future where humans try to recreate elements of the natural world we have lost over time and the resulting piece Hidden Songs invites you to imagine this future together. Will you join the creative ecosystem?

Hidden Songs is a playful, interactive sound installation created by Liminal Creative and presented by OCM


Liminal Creative was formed in 2019 by artists Louise Cole and Carl Cole to produce interactive audio-visual installation work with specific focus on connection and accessibility and are supported through OCM's professional development scheme BOOM 20/21. 

Find out more about Liminal Creative and Boom here.