Gambian sabar beats and Wolof rap, dystopian electronics and dub textures, in an earthy, urban, futurist yet deep-rooted soundworld; Fofoulah have developed a unique forward-looking sound the old-fashioned way, through playing, working and experimenting together to evoke, as they put it, “the spirit of morphing and connectivity.”

Formed in 2011, they released their first album for Glitterbeat Records in 2013, going on to tour extensively in Europe where the nightly spontaneous talking-drum improvisations from Kaw Secka began to set a new direction, manifesting in their powerful second album, Daega Rek. Fofoulah build on propulsive percussion grooves and fusing shamanic chants, African trance and thick electro-jazzfunk into a mesmerising musical magma.

Every song has a different meaning, or message, all sung in Wolof, a language central to coastal West African countries such as The Gambia and Senegal. Secka’s lyrics explore a myriad of topics, such as the importance of leadership, and all that it entails; the nature of human connection and the truth and the riddles of reality.

In partnership with Upcycled Sounds.