Tandem Collective, Upcycled Sounds, and OCM have partnered to create a night full of experimentation and discovery.
For this show, we present you two bands working at the boundaries of folk/pop/classical music.
Firefly Burning
“The sound here is both richly intriguing and subtle, a neat tapestry that is a joy to unravel.”
Music OMH
“Firefly Burning are about art for art’s sake, and the audience’s response.” Louder Sound
Avant pop, experimental folk and minimalist music are three of the influences that Firefly Burning uses to create their impressionistic sound.  

Following their critically-acclaimed “Skeleton Hill”, Firefly Burning will be playing songs from their third album, released in May 2019. Previously compared with the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Steve Reich and Kate Bush the band promises to deliver an evolution of their distinctive sounds.

“A far cry from your average chamber quartet” Songlines magazine

‘iyatra’ derives from the Hindi word for travel or pilgrimage and, for this show the group aims to bring you this sense of journey. 

Bringing a classical sensibility to a jazz-like approach, iyatraQuartet create music for violin, cello, bass clarinet and percussion.  

From classical to experimental and Indian to folk music, iyatraQuartet have forged an entirely collaborative sound. Their music is the result of the musical influences and experiences they have encountered working and performing with musicians and artists in London’s cultural scene.



*Concession applies to anyone claiming state benefits including pensions, students, under 18's and registered disabled.

**Where a carer is required their ticket is free of charge. Please contact info@ocmevents.org /01865484777