Sunrise. Midday. Sunset. Dark. Tick the cycle of light at Florence Park with Thomas Page Dances.

When time feels warped and our bodies feel rushed maybe it's time to slow down. 

Thomas Page Dances is bringing a bit of magic to corners of Florence Park for this year's Christmas Light Festival with their sound and dance performance Creating on Borrowed Time.

With four performances happening throughout the day - to mark the sunrise, midday, sunset and dark - and evolving as they follow the cycle of light, Creating on Borrowed Time is a piece for right now - the post-lockdown world, the longing for normality, the anxiety to "fit everything in", the urge to live on borrowed time.

Catch the fluid movement of the four dancers in casual street-wear as they surreptitiously create space and expand time like alchemists of the intangible. On an otherwise completely normal Saturday in the Park, their magnetic pull transports you to a place where our sense of Time, in turns, stretches and shrinks. 

Listen out for the sound of breath, amplified, becoming the score that dancers move to. The sound of someone's toes on the ground, the heel of the foot, resonating across the park to remind us that the present moment is all there is. This foot. This movement. This body. This heart. Those organic sounds slowly morph into an electronic music world of subterranean beats and interrupted trains of thought, rushing to catch themselves before another day folds.


Join us for one of the 4 performances - or all of them! - at Florence Park.

No need to book - just turn up

FREE - no booking required

Note: advertised times are times of arrival; the performance will start within 10 minutes.

Meet at the Florence Park Road entrance, and you will be guided to the specific location, about 3 minutes walk away.


Travelling to Florence Park: please come by foot, by bicycle or bus. There is no parking available.


Co-commissioned by Arts at the Old Fire Station and OCM in collaboration with the Oxford City Council specifically for this year’s Christmas Light Festival.


Images of Thomas Page photographed by Flavia Catena