Time heals, they say. She’s always healing: the years busy unstitching old wounds while knitting others together. She’s learned how to sit with pride.

You can turn things around, people have said. She spins a full circle.

Do you remember the time I stood tall for you? Fork in spine, mouth a firm line.

In too deep, some shake their heads and mutter. The tides wash back and forth, and the stars fall slowly.

Cassiopeia watches us, tied to her chair.


08/03/2021 8PM

Celestial Bodies

Through song, movement, and animation we bring you a 30-40 minute performance piece celebrating the infinite possibilities we create with fearless feminine energy.

Showcasing the work of womxn and non-binary people from Oxford, Celestial Bodies will celebrate International Womens' Day from lockdown, with a vibrant audio-visual experience.

Tickets are donate what you feel from our range of options. All proceeds will go to Young Women's Music Project, our charity supporting young womxn in Oxfordshire. Find out more about our work here: https://www.ywmp.org.uk/

Co-hosted by Oxford Contemporary Music, Fusion Arts, and Oxford International Women's Festival.

Young Women's Music Project
Fusion Arts Oxford