“I saw folk music’s future. It was an exciting glimpse of an alternative, fresh and vital approach to presenting traditional music” Ken Hunt, FRoots on Broadside Ballads 2017

Three of the UK’s most innovative, award-winning folk artists reinvent a collection of broadsides – daily song sheets sold for pence - giving a rare insight into Britain’s history. Delving into the collection at the Bodleian Libraries and beyond, Lisa Knapp, Marry Waterson and Nathaniel Mann lead a five-piece band, bringing broadside ballads to life for a new generation.


Lisa Knapp - voice, fiddle, autoharp

Marry Waterson - voice

Nathaniel Mann - voice, bowed banjo, electronics and meat cleaver

Barney Morse Brown – cello w/ pedals

Laurence Hunt – percussion


Produced by Sound UK

Commissioned by Sound UK and OCM

Funded by Arts Council England

Supported by the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford