audiograft returns with its annual mix of new experimental music and sound, exhibitions, artists’ talks and workshops. This year's festival promises to open your ears and eyes to more extraordinary and surprising performances and installations that will feature the sounds of digital dystopia, dismembered instruments, the contents of the average kitchen cupboard and other domestic sounds, walls of feedback, glitches, drones, loops and bracing amplification. At the heart of the festival is a group exhibition at OVADA featuring Kathy Hinde, Simon Blackmore, Sally Ann McIntyre and Sarah Hughes. The festival also features Icebreaker’s System Restart programme with work by Anna Meredith, Linda Buckley, Kerry Andrew, Jobina Tinnemans, Elizabeth Kelly and Kate Moore.

“An absolute treasure of a festival that Oxford’s more adventurous music lovers – and those with even a passing interest in the sounds of the world around us – should hold close to their hearts” Nightshift

“audiograft is a place for experimenting and taking risks, both for artists and audiences, and as such it more than delivers”

Nathan Thomas, Fluid Radio

Featured artists in audiograft 2018 include:  Richard Barrett / Kathy Hinde / Sally Ann McIntyre / Simon Blackmore / Icebreaker / Angharad Davies / Dafne Vicente-Sandoval / Paul Dibley / Jane Dickson / Sebastian Lexer / Ryoko Akama / Austin Sherlaw-Johnson / Tess Denman-Cleaver / Jakob Ullmann / Jin Sangtae / Secluded Bronte / James Holcombe 

This year the festival will also be resident at Fusion Arts, featuring new work by Renzo Spiteri, Brigitte Hart, Gary Charles and Sian Hutchings, and will also mark the release of a double CD of interpretations of a graphic score by SARU practitioner Thomas Martin Nutt.


March 6th 
Launch with performances and installations from Kathy Hinde, Sally Ann McIntyre, Austin Sherlaw-Johnson, Simon Blackmore and Sarah Hughes

March 7th 

Fusion Arts
Opening event with performances and installations by Renzo Spiteri, Brigitte Hart, Gary Charles, and Sian Hutchings 

Holywell Music Room
Icebreaker - System Restart featuring works by Anna Meredith, Linda Buckley, Kerry Andrew, Jobina Tinnemans, Elizabeth Kelly and Kate Moore.

March 8th 
Holywell Music Room 
Jane Dickson & Sebastian Lexer,Tess Denman-Cleaver, Dominic Lash & Seth Cooke, Stavroula Kounadea

March 9th 
Old Fire Station
Dafne Vicente-Sandoval, Angharad Davies, Paul Dibley, Brett Gordon

March 10th 
Wesley Memorial Chapel
Richard Barrett & Ensemble Studio6

Old Fire Station 
Jin Sangtae, Secluded Bronte & James Holcombe, Ryoko Akama

Exhibitions are open 7th – 18th March at OVADA and Fusion Arts.

audiograft is a PWYD (Pay What You Decide) festival. PWYD works by enabling audiences to attend shows without paying for a ticket beforehand, but tickets can be reserved prior to a performance. Then on exiting the show, you have the opportunity to pay what you decide you want to, or can afford, based on your overall enjoyment of the performance. 

Audiograft is curated by the SARU (Sonic Arts Research Unit) at Oxford Brookes University and co-promoted by OCM.

Picture credits Pier Corona