Five days bursting with extraordinary sound art and experimental music events across Oxford.

audiograft festival returns for its 10th year with five days bursting with extraordinary experimental music and sonic art events across Oxford. 



// Installations at OVADA

The OVADA Warehouse will host a mix of sound installations from Ainé O' Dwyer, Susana Gómez Larañga, Shirley Pegna, Thomas Martin Nutt, John Grzinich, and Ben Gwilliam. Curated by Patrick Farmer.


// Installations at Modern Art Oxford

We'll have a space at MAO for installations by Paul Whitty, Lucia Hinojosa, Kathryn Tovey, James Green, and Jacek Smolicki. Curated by Paul Whitty and Patrick Farmer.


// Performances at the Holywell Music Room

Experience a packed evening of live performances in this atmospheric space from Paul Whitty, Austin Sherlaw-Johnson, Catherine Laws, Tim Parkinson, James Saunders, Irene Kurka, and Parkinson & Saunders. Curated by Paul Whitty.


Plus more to be announced!


All audiograft events are "Pay What You Decide".

Irene Kurka (image credit Thomas Goetz)
Parkinson Saunders
Jacek Smolicki
Katz Mulk Experimentica (photo credit Simon Ayre)
Lucia Hinojosa
Paul Whitty
Aine O'Dwyer
Ben Gwilliam
John Grzinich
Patrick Farmer
Shirley Pegna
Susana Gomez Larranaga
Thomas Martin Nutt
audiograft is curated by the Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University and co-promoted by OCM.