OCM takes over the Ashomlean, Oxford's iconic Museum of Art and Archaeology, for the evening.  Our Supersonic artworks are created by artists supported through the BOOM development programme for music and sound creators passionate about making work in unconventional spaces and outdoors.  The LiveFriday SUPERSONIC programme will include aural installations, musical furniture, instrumental workshops, interactive talks, soundscapes, sonic sculptures and super-silent spaces. There will be over 25 activities and events taking place throughout the Museum, including the Rooftop Restaurant and Crypt Cafe. 

LiveFriday SUPERSONIC is also supported by University of Oxford's Music Faculty, TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre for Humanities) and Oxford Brookes University’s Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU).


Highlights include:


Colony: Mike Blow and Alison Ballard's vivid, blue spheres will invade the forecourt creating a mesmerising movement of sound that visitors can hear, feel and touch. 

Night Dance: a reworking of Professor Robert Saxton's 1987 guitar composition will premiere in the Ashmolean's Atrium.

Feathers, Drumsticks & Miscellaneous Devices: Patrick Farmer and Paul Whitty from SARU will be creating sounds with rural, urban, domestic and industrial objects with a special performance of George Brecht's "Drums in the Nigh" - on a pillow.

Music for Giants: explore the sounds and resonances of our galleries with the band Magog and their unique mix of riffs, chants and improvisation.

Belonging Here: Sarah Nicolls’ and Becca Ellison' stunning installation will be centred on a suspended, swinging piano and a live stories contributed by the audience.

Untitled II - The Sound of Friction: Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri, Sound Artist in Residence at St John's Oxford, will be playing a motor-driven instrument made of modified membrane phones, in collaboration with kinetic artist Pe Lang.

New Music meets Old Harpsichord: Arne Richards performs a new work by Iain Chambers especially for the Ashmolean's 1772 Kirkman harpsichord, combining recordings of this beautiful instrument with a contemporary live score.

Download the full programme below...



Tickets are £5 in advance, or £7 on the door if any remain.

You will need to select an entry time, either 7pm or 7.30pm.

There are also 500 FREE tickets for under-12s, carers and students, courtesy of the Arts Council England. These are available on a first come, first served basis and must be booked in advance.

Picture Credit: Sarah Nicolls by Hugh Fox. BOOM is supported by PRS for Music Foundation and Arts Council England.