We need your support so that we can keep our outdoor events free of charge. Give today and your gift will be doubled!

OCM delights and inspires thousands of people every year with outdoor experiences that are free and open to all. Over the last three years 56,020 people have enjoyed or taken part in a free sound and music experience presented by OCM . In this film our Chair, Rosemary Richards speaks of why she fell in love with OCM and how our work has touched the lives of her and her family. HAVE A LISTEN

But a number of funding streams have been cut or are under pressure and we really need your help to continue to bring adventure, wonder and exploration to our communities and transform public spaces.

Please consider making any donation you can to help us in our work. Thanks to Arts Council England, this year every £1 we receive from our supporters up until the end of July will be worth £2 up to a total of £68,000.

A monthly donation of £10 started now will be worth £100 to us by July. DONATE HERE 

Our free events have the ability to reach people from all sections of society, bringing people and communities together in meaningful shared experiences. We are busy developing plans for new outdoor events with some brilliant artists to take place in 2019 and 2020 but these events are very expensive to produce and we may not be able to make them happen without your help.

Please do consider donating so that we can bring the next exciting project to fruition.

Thank you very much for your support.

To discuss your donation do get in touch on 01865 484777 or email jo@ocmevents.org.


Picture credits, clockwise from top left: Audible Forces © Jony Easterby, Chorus © James Lyon, PowerPlant © Tom Fenn, Magic Hour © Vik Martin, Magic Hour © Vic Martin, PowerPlant © Ulf Pedersen  , Voice Park © Ian Wallman, Colony © Farrows Creative

Banner: Supersonic Ashmolean Live Friday © Ian Wallman, Thumbnail: Voice Park © Ian Wallman

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