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Give children and communities access to music making

Each year, OCM gives children, young people, and disadvantaged groups in our society the chance to explore and make music. We offer this for free to nurture creativity, confidence and joy in those who need it most.


“Young Women's Music Project members have benefited greatly from watching OCM's inspirational acts live. Every time I hear how enthralled the young women are.”

- Zahra Tehrani, Young Women's Music Project


Give everyone the chance to experience music

We bring people together through wondrous and immersive sonic and musical events. We create magical moments in public spaces - in city squares, parks, museums, playing fields - because our work is for everyone, wherever you encounter it.


“You come to experience the unusual and inspired. As always I come away feeling rejuvenated and thoughtful.”

- Audience Member at Ring Out by Ray Lee


Nuture pioneering artists

We are pioneering in our championing of astonishing artists that get people thinking and talking. Their ambitious work makes the seemingly impossible a reality; it gives us a space to reflect and grow.


“Genuine support, encouragement and insightful advice... I cannot over-emphasise the importance of OCM in my evolution”

- Nathaniel Mann, award-winning musician and composer


Registered Charity Number 1062845 


Image credits: (from top, left to rightVoice Park by Aswarm / Ian Wallman Photography; Nathaniel Mann at Ashmolean Live Friday: Supersonic / Ian Wallman Photography; Audio Soapbox project; Congregation by Ray Lee / Ray Lee; Furious Folly by Mark Anderson / Hide the Shark; video still from Playing the Curriculum video / Evil Hypnotist Productions; video still from Voice Park by Aswarm video / Liberal Media; Sarah Nicolls.