Steeped in history and in a prime location in the centre of Oxford, St John’s Auditorium is a memorable setting for concerts.

There is a 5 minute walk from the lodge to the auditorium, through the college. This can be step-free.


Accessibility information

St John’s College aims to provide a good degree of accessibility for visitors.  The main entrance is via the Porters’ Lodge on St Giles - please summon assistance from the porters via the bell push outside the door.

The Auditorium is located in the Garden Quad and it provides wheelchair access to both the stage and the stalls within the theatre. Seating can be removed to provide a range of different seating layouts to enable wheelchairs to be positioned in different parts of the theatre.  There are also ramps, a platform lift, a hearing loop and an accessible toilet. 

If the 5 minute walk from the lodge to the auditorium may be challenging for you then please get in touch with us as we can arrange a different entrance.