Following the success of his shows Siren and Chorus, sound artist and composer Ray Lee, renowned for creating music for public places, has created an outdoor musical and visual spectacle composed for electronically generated bell sounds.

A series of industrial giant towers hold suspended bell-like speaker cones, as they gradually swing higher and higher until each arm soars up over the heads of the audience. The audience are able to walk around the space and experience a series of micro-melodies shifting and changing as the piece progresses.

Ringing forth with a peel of electronic tones that combine into a transfixing harmony of pulsing drones, Ring Out continues the work of multi-award winning composer and artist Ray Lee, whose distinctive combination of sound and kinetic sculpture has thrilled audiences the world over.

Ring Out was presented as part of the PRSF Foundation's New Music Biennial 2017 in Hull and London and is available for touring from late summer 2017.

If you are interested in booking Ring Out, contact Jo Ross (01865 48477 /