To accompany her show on Friday 13 April, soulful singer and composer Sorana Santos has put together this exclusive playlist for us.

Alongside presenting her eclectic and soulful reinterpretation of Joni Mitchell's Hejira for us in Oxford on 13 April at the North Wall Arts Centre, Sorana performs original songs from her own ‘Hejira’ written on the journey she took in Joni Mitchell's footsteps. To accompany the show she has put together this exclusive playlist for us. 

"This is some of the music I listened to en-route. As a sound-colour synesthete, it's what I 'saw' driving from Maine to LA. The songs appropriate other music in some way, which inspired Hejira's re-interpretation as a collage. I've also included a recording by each band member."
Sorana Santos

See Sorana perform her soulful re-interpretaion of this iconic album 'Refuge for the Roads: Re-imagining Joni Mitchell''s Hejira' on Saturday 13 April at North Wall Arts Centre BUY TICKETS