At OCM we love discovering new music. Our friends from Firefly Burning have created a lovely playlist with the music they are currently listening to.

Fluke by Auclair

mbira loops, fuzzy bass synth, cut-crystal multi-tracked vocals - what’s not to like?

I’d Do It For Your Love by Paul Simon

Love this track from 1975’s Still Crazy After All These Years for its world-weary lyrics, aching instrumental intro and incredible production.

Such Great Heights: by Postal Service

- love the way the synth elements creep in and slot together in a slightly unusual (hint of Steve Reich..) way at the beginning of this song. After that, it’s just a great song.

Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet: by Gavin Bryars

A short hymn improvised by a homeless man in the early 70’s.  The 13 bar song was discovered by Bryars while editing audio for a documentary film about homeless people in London at the time. He then made a continuous loop of the song and wrote a simple accompaniment which develops through the performance.  Mesmerising and heartbreakingly beautiful.

Holding Hands: by The Magic Lantern (from To the Islands)

This song is just as good played live with only guitar and piano, but the groove when the full band kicks in on the recording gets me every time.  A beautiful song and a cracking arrangement.

Folkdance: by Meredith Monk (from Piano Songs)

Hard to pick a favourite track on this album of music for two pianos - this is just sheer joy and exuberance.  It sounds like something that came out of a workshop that we wish we'd been in.

35 by Objekt

Amazingly produced berlin techno with hints of boards of canada. What music will be like when we’re all long gone and there’s only robots left.

Thomas Adès violin concerto 2nd movement

Ancient and modern at the same time. With a denouement so beautiful it makes me want to give up writing music. In a good way.


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