Singing With Nightingales is an event produced by folk music promoter, The Nest Collective. For this special event, Sam Lee was joined on stage by guest musicians Alice Zawadski and Kadialy Kouyate and communicated, via a live link, with an ornithologist who guided us through the woodland, into one of the UK’s last remaining strongholds of the fast-disappearing bird, said to possess one of Nature’s finest voices.

Sam Lee says:

“The song of the nightingale has been captivating human hearts and firing imaginations since ancient times but the numbers visiting Britain are in decline, and it is very rare to hear them now even in the countryside. Yet by combining stories, music and folklore with a live broadcast from wild starlit woods, we can conjure a journey to where the nightingale nests, so that audiences can experience the timeless magic of nightingale song in ear-tingling proximity and let them listen in on the rarest of concerts – human musicians dueting with a superb songbird.”

Here's a special playlist from Sam Lee and the Nest Collective, sharing the music they're currently listening to.