We are really delighted that Lauren Spiceley has joined the team as our new Producer Programmer. Lauren has been running gigs in Oxford since 2012, where as a student she saw a call-out for a house concert from the then-emerging Lady Maisery and decided to put on a public event for them. She’s since graduated from a Music degree, in which she explored the impact of venue and space on live music experiences.

She stayed in Oxford, working with Oxford City Council as well as becoming part of the core team of the Tandem Collective, aiming to create positive social & environmental action through the arts - key projects include Tandem Festival and Ethno England. She has a strong belief in community music and cultural exchange, and works as a musician, music workshop facilitator and teacher in projects such as Song de Raiz alongside her work managing events and projects.

Lauren grew up in a household of musicians, brought up on an eclectic musical diet, and is a musician herself, often to be found in folk music sessions around the city as well as performing in projects and ensembles including Folkatron and Okina