Our heartfelt thanks to all of our donors for your amazing gifts! There's still time to double your donation...

Two weeks left to double your donation!


Over the last 6 months we've told you about who you'll be supporting if you donate to us. This is the first time we've reached out to our audiences and each and every donation has been greeted with genuine delight here in the OCM office. Our heartfelt thanks to all of our donors for your amazing gifts! Thank you for joining us to change more people's lives with music.

If you haven't yet donated (or you'd like to donate again!) there's still time to take advantage of Arts Council England's incredible offer to match every donation pound for pound until the end of August.

Here's who you'll be supporting...



Give young people access to music making

"We motivate, enthuse and raise aspirations of young people by providing them with access to the best workshop leaders around, inspiring the next generation of artists"  Jordon Maynard-Daley, OCM Education & Outreach Officer


Give everyone the chance to experience music

We believe everyone should have the chance to experience music. That's why we create events that bring people together, to experience wonder and inspiration through immersive experiences created by astonishing artists. We create these moments on the streets of our cities, in parks, museums, nature reserves, playing fields, and other spaces that are free for all


Nurture pioneering artists

We nurture artists who can make the seemingly impossible a reality, create meaningful experiences and give us a space to reflect and grow. These extraordinary artists help us to break boundaries in music and sound to create unforgettable moments for all.


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Donate before the end of August and every £1 you give will become £2 thanks to Arts Council England.


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Become our first Major Donor!

We value every £1 we receive from our supporters but if you'd like to make an even greater impact on the lives of young people, local communities, and inspiring artists, you can become the first of our Major Donors with a gift of £1000, which Arts Council England will match pound for pound until the end of August!

Turn your £1000 into £2000


Thank you for your support.


Image Credits: thumbnail - Voice Park by Aswarm / Ian Wallman; banner - Voice Park by Aswarm / Christopher Baines