Postive Futures is an initiative run by Oxford City Council, we secured funding to run 3 music projects over the school holidays in 2015 and this is the first project we delivered.


In January 2015 OCM pitched an idea to the Positive Futures Fund award panel in order to support our plans to deliver Music making activities to young people in Oxford during the school holidays in 2015.

Our pitch and funding bid was successful so we partnered up with the East Oxford Early Intervention service to deliver this project.


During October half term 2015 we returned to the East Oxford Hub to deliver our final Positive Futures project for 2015.

Beginning in Easter we ran each of our projects as an Arts Award project and progressed young people from Arts Award Discover in April and Arts Award Ex0lore in the Summer.  In October we ran an Arts Award Bronze Project with a group of young carers from the East Oxford Hub. 

The Story

Using an Arts Award Bronze in a week format which OCM’s Education and Outreach Officer specifically tailored for this project, we were able to:

•Provide an inspiring experience for the young people

•Develop their music making  skills

•Guide them through achieving their Arts Award Bronze

Monday – Part A, the young people were introduced to the world of Music Technology and how to make beats.

Tuesday – Part A, as above, but the young people were able to start to create their own music.

Wednesday - Part D, Planning their own workshop to teach to parents and siblings.

Thursday - Part B, We went to the theater to watch singing in the rain.

Friday – Part D, Teaching and sharing what they had learnt with others & Celebration event.

Impact on participants

This was a fantastic group of young people to work with. They were clearly enthused by the activities we had provided for them, and attended each session with limitless energy and dedication. 

Throughout the journey of this project we witnessed them working collaboratively, as well as individually, and as leaders, and the CD they created was phenomenal.

Next Steps

This project concludes our Positive Futures Projects in 2015.

At the time of writing, the future of the Early Intervention Service was uncertain, and we are hoping we can continue to work them in the future if the opportunity arises.

OCM would like to personally thank James Ottley, Jonathan Samms & all the artists who were involved in this project. Without your help it would not have been the success that it was.

Thank you for taking the time to read this project log. Please feel free to download a copy of this projects case study below and share with your colleagues.