We returned to Yellow Submarine to deliver another African Drumming workshop in Abingdon.


During the May/June half-term holidays of 2016 we returned to Yellow Submarine to deliver a workshop in African Drumming run by Hart Beats. Hart Beats are a duo made up of Justine Hart and Barry Neilson, and they provided us with a fantastic workshop, using the Djembe, and Dun don drums.


Our project partners Yellow Submarine had just opened a youth club in Abingdon and requested a music session as part of their half-term holiday activities. We have previously worked with Hart Beats on another workshop last summer so we decided to bring them back to engage with this new group of participants.

The story

On the project we delivered an interactive drumming session, that began with a short performance from Hart Beats which engaged and inspired the young people to join in and have ago. Justine introduced the participants to the drums, and ran a small call and response warm up at the start of the day. As we got further into the session and the young people and staff’s confidence grew, everyone was able to do a small improvisation to the ongoing backing beat.

Impact on participants

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Next steps

It has been great to be able to continue our project workshops with Yellow Submarine and we look forward to delivering more projects in future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this project log. Please feel free to download a copy of this projects case study below and share with your colleagues.