In 2019 we have an exciting opportunity - Arts Council England is going to double any funds we raise all the way up to £68,000, so every £1 we receive from donors will be worth £2. We have until the end of July to make the most of this extraordinary offer. Can you help?

We have already raised over £12,000 but there’s still a long way to go to reach our target. DOWNLOAD OUR GIVING LEAFLET BELOW OR GIVE HERE.

Raising funds is crucial for the innovative musical learning opportunities we offer children and young people, the pioneering artists we work with, and the free musical and sonic experiences we create for all. 

Your support will help us give more children access to music making and live music. It will help us keep our events in public spaces free so that everyone can experience them. It will also allow us to continue to nurture astonishing artists.

OCM is funded by Arts Council England and Oxford City Council to deliver our core programme but we are unable to deliver amazing projects like these without additional project funding to make them happen. So…

We need your support to help us to get to £68,000 by July

Please download our giving leaflet below and consider helping us to reach our target. You can also donate online HERE. If you’d like to talk about your donation or about helping us in any other way please do get in touch with Jo Ross, Director on 01865 484777 or email

Thank you for your support!


OCM Giving leaflet.pdf