Flo's Cafe

Flo's Cafe is based at Flo's - The Place in the Park, a lively community hub. Flo's hosts many community events, including events based on nature, sustainability, and crafts. The hub also hosts a plastic-free refills service, and a nature nursery for children. It is an inclusive space which welcomes people from all walks of life. The cafe serves a range of delicious freshly cooked meals from around the world, snacks, and drinks. The profits go towards supporting social enterprise. 

The building is just next to the tennis courts, just south of where Cricket Rd becomes Rymer's Lane. When the Park is locked, access to and from Rymers Lane is through the smaller gate.

By foot or cycle: The park is bordered by Cornwallis Road, Rymers Lane and Campbell Road with easy access from all three roads. There is a cycle rack between the tennis courts and Flo's.

By bus: The 103/104 Heyfordian service stops on Rymers Lane. Alternatively numerous buses stop on the Cowley Road and Iffley Road, which is a short walk away.

By car: Parking is non-restricted on Rymers Lane. Parking is also available in the park during daylight hours but the gates are locked around dusk.


Opening and closing times:

Florence Park opens at 8am each morning and is locked at the following times throughout the year:

January: 4.30pm 
February: 5.30pm 
March GMT: 6pm
March BST: 8pm
April: 8pm
May: 9pm
June: 9pm 
July: 9pm
August: 8.30pm 
September: 7pm 
October BST: 6pm
October GMT: 5pm
November: 4.30pm
December: 4pm

When the Park is locked, access to and from Rymers Lane is through the smaller gate which should be kept open.


Accessibility information 

The centre and the rooms are all wheelchair accessible and there is a toilet that is accessible for wheelchairs.

01865 587611