Solo violinist and singer Flora Curzon calls in the winter with haunting melodies over looping drones

Flora Curzon creates an intimate ode to the violin and voice in the Covered Market for our spine tingling last release in this series. Contemporary, Baroque, folk and medieval slowly pull against and fuse back into the constant drone beneath, cradling you, suspended in time, seemingly alone.

But Flora is not alone on her journey into the night.

Quoting melodies from two composers deep in the past, Flora seamlessly ties it all together, one silver thread after another. Visionary medieval abbess Hildegarde von Bingen calls to us across the millennia as her spiraling melodies ebb and flow. Self-taught and prolific 18th century composer G P Telemann conjures up the midwinter minor with dark turns and twists, Flora drawing out her Fantasia as Telemann himself would have done.

The silken earthiness of Flora’s violin sound comes from her mute and her 18th century style violin and bow. Flora performs on both 'modern' and 'historical' violin set ups, playing chameleon-like across a wide array of ensembles with a depth of knowledge in historical, folk and contemporary classical practises.

Tune into the Upcycled Sounds YouTube channel at 1pm on 15th December to watch this exclusive micro-gig before everyone else.


Live Sessions at The Covered Market is a series of micro-gigs captured on film at Oxford's Covered Market. The resulting video was produced in collaboration with Upcycled Sounds. Hand picked bands and musicians were given exclusive access to Oxford’s Covered Market, performing beautifully bite-sized sets in the walkways of this iconic space for you to enjoy at home. This is the last of this series.