OCM is supporting Ethno England 2019 in partnership with the Oxford City Council, to bring young musicians from all over the world into a farm in the Cotswolds

What is Ethno England?

20 young musicians arrive in the UK from different corners of the globe, bringing their instruments, voices, experiences and cultures with them, to spend a week together exchanging music and building friendships. Over 7-10 days, each participant will teach the others a piece of traditional music from their culture, and then work together to arrange this collection of music from around the world. By the end of the week, this group of musicians, who have never met before, will become an ephemeral orchestra, connecting across borders through music.

Ethno England is organised by the Tandem Collective. It is part of the worldwide series of Ethno summer exchanges, supported by Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI). Ethno is a unique opportunity for young people from across the globe to come together and engage through music in a manner that is characterised by respect, generosity and openness.


What happes during the Ethno week? 

A typical Ethno week consists of:

  • daytime tune-learning and arranging workshops, in which participants take turns to teach a tune or song from their country
  • evening activities such as communal cooking, jam sessions, workshops with local musical groups, dances, and local tourism activities
  • concerts and performances to share the multi-cultural set we have created
  • attending a festival and giving workshops


How do I take part?

Ethno England 2019 takes place 14 - 24 June, in a farm in Ramsden. To take part visit the Ethno England website where you can find out everything you need to know before joining us this summer.

Ethno camps happen in countries all around the world every year — go to the Ethno World website for more information and even more chances to take part!

Photographs from Ethno England 2018 by GlassHertzzPhoto and Chloe Coules