Keeping you safe at our events

As official COVID restrictions end we wanted to update you on what measures we are taking to keep you safe.

These are our current safety measures, and we ask for your help and cooperation to make our events as safe as possible:


  • Wear a mask if you want to

OCM recognises that mask wearing is no longer compulsory in public spaces. However we know that mask wearing is an important part of ongoing COVID safety for some of our audience and staff. If you feel safer wearing a mask then please feel free to do so. We will have single use masks available if you want one.


  • Stay home if you’re unwell


Do not attend if you show any symptoms of COVID-19. Get in touch with us and we will refund your ticket.


May 2022 onwards: We plan to run our events at full capacity.



If you are still uncertain about coming along or you have any concerns you’d like to discuss, let us know by emailing