Dim Productions took their Rain Garden to TANDEM a world music festival in Chipping Norton.  Showcasing some of the experiments from their time with OCM's BOOM program. 

An orchestra of Rain Instruments was strung up under the canopy of coppiced hazel trees to capture the dripping rain on various shaped plastic, metal and drum skin surfaces.  These were amplified using contact microphones and could be mixed live on the sound desk.  Due to dry weather the instruments were played by audiences using watering cans and cups. 

There was also an evolving rainscape played through glass droplet speakers of samples collected at the festival from the audience.  Audio was taken from mobile phone videos of hail as big as cricket balls in Sydney harbour, frogs mating, creaking pontoons in Malta, thunderstorms across the globe.  Samples were recorded live of rain songs traditional and original in English, French, Farsi and Welsh. Audiences retold memories and family rituals, performed body percussion and mouth rain, recorded sounds of jamming on the rain instruments mixed with the Dim Productions library of Welsh rain recorded with hydrophones and contact mics and zooms and Balinese monsoons with rain drumming.


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