We're looking forward to taking Listening Parties online. Normally we have our fabulous event partners Oxford Audio Consultants there making all your tracks sound amazing, so we've asked them to share their top tips on how you can get the best out of what you have at home.


  1. Clean connections by plugging and unplugging all cables a few times – turn off equipment first!
  2. Make sure speakers are solidly supported and don’t wobble about.
  3. Use decent quality cables for interconnects and speakers, even digital cables make a difference.
  4. Streamers, Amps, CD players and especially Turntables need to be on rigid supports away from speakers too.
  5. Don’t stack equipment on top of each other, give it space.
  6. Use a good quality mains block if you are plugging multiple components into one mains socket.
  7. Listen in a triangle! Sit centrally and the same distance away as the speakers are apart – and same height.


  • Add a headphone amp between your phone or laptop and headphones.  

Dragonfly Black £89.  Dragonfly Red £169 £149 Special OFFER.  Chord Mojo £399 £299 Special OFFER.

  • Upgrade your record player cartridge.

Ortofon 2M Red £95. Ortofon 2M Blue £185.  Dynavector MC10X5 Mk2 £549.

  • Upgrade your headphones.

Sennheiser True Wireless In-ear £269 £179 Special OFFER.  Bowers & Wilkins PX noise-cancelling wireless Over-ear £329.  Focal Elegia Audiophile Over-ear  £799.

  • Upgrade your speaker cables.

Chord C-Screen Speaker Cable 2 x 3metres with plugs  £39.  Chord Odyssey X Speaker Cable 2 x 3metres with plugs  £122.  Chord SignatureXL Speaker Cable 2 x 3metres with plugs  £900.

  • Upgrade your Interconnect cable to your amp.

Audioquest Tower RCA phono 1metre pair.  £25.  Chord Clearway RCA phono 1 metre pair.  £89.  Chord Epic Analogue RCA phono 1 metre pair.  £400.

  • Add a turntable.

Rega Planar 1 complete  £249.  Rega Planar 3 complete  £649.  Michell Gyro SE  £1,836.

  • Add a Wireless Speaker.

Naim Mu-so Qb  £649  £399 Special OFFER.  Devialet Phantom Reactor 600  £990.  Bowers & Wilkins Formation DUO Pair.  £3,499.


Visit their website for more ino.